Lying in bed
Waiting for the sandman
To do his thing,
I contemplated on
My next topic for writing.

Inspired by the smell of rain
Bringing back memories of when I was young.
I’ll write about my childhood!
That’s a good idea!

Flashback, after flashback;
In monochrome and sepia;
Just playing in my mind
Like old movie reruns;
My life went rewind!

About how we loved to play,
My 2 sisters and I.
Whether it be inside or outside,
Around the village area,
Or at a neighbor’s nearby.

Then it came,
Without a warning
Tears filled up
And blinded my sight
As emotions came flooding.

I thought I could hide it
The tears that just broke
But there’s this big lump
That stuck in my throat.

I’ll miss my 2 sisters,
When the time comes to leave.
Wish I could hold them for 2 months
So there’s no time to grieve…

Separation anxiety on overdive!



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