Confessions of a Pessimist…

The usual maxim is “Hope for the best, expect nothing, but prepare for the worst“. A really positive way of dealing with disappointments.

Well, I think my mind got it all mixed up coz I follow the adage “Aim for the best, expect the worst“! Which has turned me into an overbearing, cynical, paranoid Bitch!

Not really something I am proud of, but it’s my own negative way of dealing with my disillusionments.

When things seem to be going smoothly, at the back of my head I am always waiting for that big bump that would cause everything to tumble over and shatter on the floor.

So imagine what I am going through while waiting for our Visas to arrive… I am a nervous wreck!!

Oh My Gosh, what if it doesn’t come? What if I didn’t get approved and I am just assuming? What if I don’t get to leave, after having resigned already and informed my clients that I’m leaving?

I shouldn’t be too negative… “you attract what you think”… so I should be optimistic to attract positivity…

I’m trying…


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