I feel I have too many internet sites…

I have Tumblr, Multiply, and WordPress plus Downelink, my LBTG account, for my blogs; I have Twitter and Plurk for micro-blogging (though my Plurk account died a slow natural death), I have Facebook, Friendster and LinkedIn for social networking; Youtube and Flickr, my video and photosharing sites…

Wow! Didn’t realize just how many, but, wow…

I know I won’t be able to maintain all these, so I guess it’s survival of the bestest…

Plurk and Friendster have already taken their place at the last of the race without a fight;

LinkedIn, Youtube and Flickr are just taking their sweet time and not being very competitive at all;

Facebook is still on the lead followed by Downelink and Twitter who are neck and neck;

Next comes WordPress then right at its tail is Multiply, and a few paces at the back is Tumblr…

Let’s see who wins…


8 thoughts on “Race”

  1. OMG.

    I understand how you feel and what you’re going through. I have Friendster, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Plurk, Multiply, DailyMile, and LinkedIn. Heck I even have Robo. And that’s only my SNS.

    I also have accounts for my storing/sharing my pictures/vids like Flickr, YouTube. Plus I have blog sites in Blogger and WordPress.

    But as I told my friends, I will never leave Multiply. Facebook will always be there before it’s the hottest site there is.

    Indeed, it’s curious which of your sites wins…

    1. Crazy, huh… was looking at what i wrote again and i remember i also have flixter and hi5 and all these other stuff.
      if i would predict, i would say i’d want to keep my blog sites, facebook would probably stay until the next big thing comes along.
      Oh well, the web is a universe in itself… we just have to move along as it evolves 🙂

      thanks for the comment 🙂

    1. I know, right… I have this post-it of Usernames and passwords on my planner just in case i forget (oops i just announced it. hope my officemates don’t read my blogs…)

      1. I have accounts that I have to use the password recovery to get a hold of the passwords. Buti nga hindi pa nangyari na I lost my e-mail passwords. Thank God for autosave. Kaya ang hirap minsan pagsa internet shop.


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