Tita Oh

Your absence is so hard on us…
Like a dark cloud that settled over our well lit corner of the room.
A hovering happiness-zapper everytime we see your empty table.
You make up almost 1/2 of our entirety,
That without you there it’s like a gaping hole of nothingness.

We miss the friendly banters and the chiding,
One of my 2 evil step sisters out to get me with her teasing.
We miss your laughter when you “golden girls” start a-talking.
We miss the unexpected, funny quips from behind our cubicle wall,
Which now only houses your withering flowers from mother’s day.

The couragous front you have put up for us
Is now slowly being torn down by your enemies.
The losing battle seemingly apparent,
And surrender is your only choice.

Know that we are always here for you
Your loyal soldiers, with you and by you in this fight.
And whatever the outcome, Tita O,
Let our prayers carry you safely home.


5 thoughts on “Tita Oh”

      1. Hi Janelle! She’s really sick. She’s been battling with the big C since last year.
        But this Mother’s day, she was slowly admitting defeat 😦
        It hurts to see her.


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