Random list (part 1)…

Whenever I encounter or feel or do things that I don’t normally like, or simply just take for granted, I tell myself “Wala nito sa Canada…”
That would surely change my mind about anything…

So here’s a list of some nonsensical things that I would surely miss when i leave for Canada…

  • Everyday I would look out our window, just stare into nothing, not really seeing the beautiful landscape of night lights from the buildings beyond. Or the fire tree with its orange flowers in bloom. How beautiful they are. But now, I only have 2 months left to admire them
  • I’m not much of a beach bum. When going swimming, I would rather that I prune in chlorinated, urinated pool water than the salty, sandy beach… Walang beach sa Canada… I should have stayed longer in the water till I was a salted red egg
  • These past few days have been really hot! and I mean HELL hot!! don’t want to go out much. just want to stay inside our cozy airconditioned room… I know, I know, when it’s below zero, i am going to miss the heat…
  • I love taking showers! All you have to do is stand under the shower head and voila, you’re wet… buhos buhos with timba and tabo is hard on the back! But the timba and tabo are sure useful in other bathroom rituals… wala din nito sa Canada… pwede kaya mag dala?
  • I’m a movie buff. I love watching movies whether it be in the cinema or at home… and when we feel like having a relaxing movie marathon, there is always that 24/7 DVD shop nearby… bad, i know, to be buying pirated stuff, but it’s only for as long as we’re here 🙂

These are just some of the stuff that I’ll be missing when i leave. There are a lot more, but will reserve them for another entry…

4 thoughts on “Random list (part 1)…”

  1. Um walang tabo doon? Is this a stupid question? 😀 but i figured if I don’t ask I’ll never know. And, the heat will miss you too. 😀

    1. hahahaha! sobra akong natawa dito sa comment mo. ahahaha!
      Ok, they only use tissue for when, you know what. no tabo. swerte nalang kung may bidet… hehehe


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