Random List (Part 2)…

Even though it doesn’t seem like it, I love to eat! And being a food freak, I enjoy all types of food; Italian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Filipino, American, Vietnamese, etc. I would try anything (once. depending on what’s on the menu) as long as it’s edible.

But of course there will always be favorites which I will only get to eat here…

    • Sinigang! My absolute all-time favorite! Anything with sampaloc, or even others as long as it’s maasim, and soup, I love them all; sinigang na baboy, baka, bangus, hipon; sinampalukang manok, ayungin (this is a type of small fish). Even sinigang sa bayabas, santol, kamyas, manga…

But the the ultimate Sinigang for me is my mom’s own cooking. I don’t know why but nothing comes close to her sinigang… and yes mama, i am definitely going to miss your sinigang…

  • Next to sinigang, i have 2 second faves, adobo and bistek tagalog. I know I can still have these in Canada (since Gayl is a great cook :p), but they say it wouldn’t taste the same. Well, this I got to experience myself before I can say I’m going to miss these 2 dishes
  • There’s also Caldereta and Pochero. Well, actually I’m not really a fan of these dishes in general, but I love my mama’s way of cooking and preparing them. Her concoctions are the only ones I like. Not one caldereta or pochero ever came close to mama’s cooking.
  • Daing na Bangus… Specially the ones from Papa’s hometown Pangasinan!
  • Tuyo, danggit and daing. Well I hate how they smell when being cooked, but I love how they taste; soaked in suka with bawang then  sinangag, and kamatis, and to top it off, naka kamay pa… sarap!
  • Manga and bagoong!! and I don’t like the bottled ones you buy in grocery stores. I’d rather have my bagoong home cooked just the way I like!
  • One of my comfort foods whenever I feel like pigging out is Lapid’s Chicharon, eaten with scrambled eggs on rice, and kamatis with patis… heaven!
  • Nilaga or steamed talbos ng kamote, or talong, or sitaw and even sigarilyas with bagoong isda and vinegar… read in a menu once, they made this sound elite “Kamote tops with Fish Sauce vinigrette”… absolutely love!
  • Sardinas! Ligo or 555, cooked or uncooked, with suka and sibuyas… haay
  • Actually I love all Filipino foods with rice. Name it: Nilaga, Tinola, Afritada, Escabeche, Paksiw, etc. They say there are lots of Filipinos now in Canada. Hope there are just as much (cheap) Filipino restos as well

All these talk about food is making me hungry!

Well, got to go cook some Purefoods Tender Juicy hotdog, another fave!

3 thoughts on “Random List (Part 2)…”

  1. Adobo and sinigang I know how to do. Caldereta and pochero hindeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! Magburger na lang tayo at giant fries pag nagcrave ka non. KAWLANGLABGRABE.UY.


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