I think I’ve avoided blogging long enough… 18 days to be exact!

Yes, I was sort of avoiding it.
When we got to Canada, all I could think of was writing…
About our experiences; what happened from the airport to when we got to where we were staying; how the flight went, how Angel handled her 12 hours in the cargo, how the interview at the immigration at Vancouver went when we got there; what the weather was like when we landed in Vancouver and in Winnipeg…

So many topics to talk about… BUT…
It was that big BUT that blocked all my thoughts coz I couldn’t get the words out of my mind and into writing.

Whatever topic I would start out writing about, would always veer towards my family and friends back home. And thinking about them makes me even more homesick than I already am, so I can’t.

But I guess 2 weeks is enough for me to get settled in somehow.

Sure I still miss home, but I’ve made a deal with myself… the sooner I find my place here in Winnipeg, start my own network of friends and contacts, get a decent job (or 2) for me to save enough, a car, maybe a house, the sooner I would get to be reunited with those I love back home.

So, Bring It On Canada!!
I’m a Filipino, resilient and steadfast, and I’ve weathered fiercer storms!



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