Flying South

They are starting to take flight signalling colder weather to come.

The resident geese from Fly Away Home are taking over the skies! And boy are they noisy.

In awesome “V” formations, you can’t help but look up as they pass overhead (wishing they won’t crap on you or your car). It’s amazing really how they use the “V” shape so they can fly longer distances, and communicate better. How the strongest bird flies in front to lead the flock, and when he gets tired, they change leaders during flight.

They’re birds with bird brains (literally), but they’re very family oriented. When they mate, they stay together until their kids are old enough to fend for themselves (or start working and earn but don’t want to leave home yet coz they want to pay for a car; or after they get married, but then they will need help with their own kids, or maybe when their kids start to go to college so Lolo and Lola will be there for them-nice Filipino trait which I’m not ashamed of).

For me family is everything. So whether I’m in warm, wet Philippines , or in freezing, dry Winnipeg, my family is still the center of my world. And when the time comes for me to fly south, I’ll be front and center of my V-acation!!

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2 thoughts on “Flying South”

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