Pinoy Bloopers…

Seen along Keewatin in Winnipeg, Canada on the sign of a Filipino Bakery…

Leche Plan? Really? No wonder Canadians think Filipinos have ‘F’ and ‘P’ defect!

Well, for the Tasty Bread, I guess it’s just like “Bili ka ng Colgate na Close up“, or “Mag Kodakan tayo“, or “Put all the stuff inside the Fridge (na White Westinghouse). Brand names have become so generic, they are actually thought to be the name of the product. Just like the Tasty Bread, which is actually just a Loaf Bread (does the Tasty brand of bread still exist?).

I want to find more of these bloopers here in Canada… but hoping i don’t coz I’m Pinoy! Ang kahihiyan nila ay kahihiyan ko rin! They’re just nice blog entries…



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