My Canada firsts (part 2)

Back to my rundown of firsts here in canada…

For a Filipino who’s idea of cold is about 19 to 10 degrees Celsius (and this is in extreme cases, like in Baguio probably), and during this temparature, out comes the fancy jackets which some buy for this rare occassion (or inside call centers where, they say, the AC is really cold), a temp of 8 to 2 degrees by the end of summer signalling the start of fall is blood freezing cold! They say bundle up to fight the cold, they weren’t kidding! My first experience of the cold was cool for a few seconds. But standing at the bus stop with the cold wind was not cool. Despite the 4 layers of clothing, I was still shivering! I feel like my jaws were locked from trying to control my teeth from chattering! I could’ve handled the cold, but the wind was just unbearable!

This I have a lot to say about (which I will reserve for a separate blog entry), but the first time I drove in winnipeg was a real sleeper! Since I only had my Philippine license with me and so I was really trying not to violate anything, my speed was somewhere between 40 and 50! And before I could even feel the wind on my face, up comes a stop sign which surprise surprise you have to actually stop at (even when there are no other cars in the intersection)!! And these stop signs are located in most corners in residencial areas where there are no stop lights. So imagine all the stops you have to make to get from one place to another!

And that was just practice driving. Imagine what we had to go through to get our actual license! The first time I got my license we paid someone, waited for hours then out came our license. No hassles, just a really looong wait. Here, it was the process that was long. First we had to go to an autopac place to register and pay. And they had all these requirements too. Then you have to call to schedule a written test for which we had to actually study in order to pass! Good thing we did the first time coz if we failed, we’d have to reschedule to take the test again. And then we were asked to call (again) to schedule our actual driving test. And because they had lots of people taking the test, the next available date was more than a month after the written test! Which I guess was a good thing coz we had time to practice. And when the day of the driving test came, we had to be there an hour earlier to surrender our Philippine driver’s license. My nerves were on overdrive! If it was my nerves who took the test, it would have FAILED! But good thing I didn’t!

This entry has been sitting in my phone for weeks! I just completely forgot about it!

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