There’s no place like home

They say that you don’t really know the value of something (or someone) till it’s gone (or something to that effect). Well, I haven’t really lost anything or anyone yet, but being so far away, I came to realize that nothing beats the place you call home.

Home really is where your heart is, and though I’m still breathing and living, I left my heart in the Philippines.

A wise man told me when I mentioned I was leaving for Canada that unless I was dirt poor, I have no other reason for leaving a perfectly good job, the family that I love, and a comfortable life in the Philippines but for adventure. As much as I would like to say differently, he is absolutely correct.

Everything that we are going through here in Canada is one big adventure. Experiencing the cold and snow, driving in frozen roads, finding and moving into an apartment, finding a job and working in an office where there are no Filipinos, dealing with Canadians (I was going to say foreigners but I remembered I am the foreigner here), learning about their culture, their history, their life… All an adventure, which may or may not affect how I live my life for the second half of it, but absolutely a memory worth sharing.

Now, after this epiphany, my goal has never been more clearer for me… To earn and save enough here in Canada to start my life over at home, where my heart and life is…


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