Proof of Life

Ever since we moved into our present apartment and got the new couch, I’ve been going crazy looking for ways to get rid of the static. I kept blaming the microfiber fabric of the couch, so I sprayed it with Static Guard, sprayed it with diluted fabric conditioner, placed safety pins all around it (hidden of course) and even rubbed Bounce anti static-cling sheets, but apparently it’s in the air. The air is way too dry, worse during winter, building up the static electricity in the room. So I asked around, surfed the net, searching for answers how to reduce the static in the apartment. Humidifiers are out of the question coz they are too expensive. My boss suggested having plants in the house, they help raise the humidity in the rooms.

So when we went to the superstore, I got 3 different, low maintenance house plants. But having bought them in a grocery/pharmacy/home furnishings store as opposed to an actual garden store, they didn’t wrap the plants properly. And being first time plant parents in a cold country, we didn’t know that even a very short car ride from the store to the apartment with a temperature of -19 degrees outside would freeze my plants. I was heartbroken when we got home and saw the leaves looking pale and cold.

After a couple more days the leaves were already crunchy and dead. They looked so sad…  Gayl was telling me to throw them away and she will just buy new ones, but I didn’t want to give up on them just yet seeing that the stems were still green. So I continued talking to them and watering them, cleaning them, removing the dead leaves and stems, and sharing our bedroom with them where the sun shone through our window.

Finally my hard work and determination paid off. New shoots and new leaves are starting to come out. Being the proud mama that I am, I almost cried!

And as corny as it may sound, that simple proof of life gave me so much hope about my own. That no matter how glum, cold and hopeless everything may seem, things are going to get better…

Meet my new babies, Hope (the Devil’s Ivy),  Faith (the Spider Plant) and Persy-verance (the Parlor Palm)… They may not be much to look at now, but stay tuned for further updates on how they do the next couple of weeks.

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