Snowy Winter-peg

Been meaning to write about snow the first time I experienced it, I just couldn’t find the time, and the inspiration, to write. In other words, laziness just got the better of me. Though I still feel a bit lazy, inspiration has the upper hand today 🙂

The only things i know about snow is that snowflakes have 6 sides and that no 2 snowflakes are alike. But having only experienced “fake” snow, I thought that the actual shape of snowflakes could only be seen through a microscope. So imagine my fascination when I saw all these pretty snowflakes falling on me. I love looking at the different shapes when they land on my jacket, or on the car windows. They are like feathers (only colder and wetter) falling from the sky!

Yeah, ok, so maybe I am starting to appreciate snow (and Canada) a bit more. I just realized that I need to be if I want to make it through the rest of my stay here. If I’m going to be miserable all the time, I’ll be getting what I deserve, a miserable life. Besides, God helps those who help themselves. So I’m going to love the snow, Winnipeg, work and yes, even the cold and thank God for these blessings.

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