Thank you God…

Dear God,

My life has been a roller coaster. Lots of dips and bumps, but just as much inclines. I try to keep up, go with the flow, and live it as placidly as i can, trying not to make the turns affect me in any way. I think i have succeeded in doing so…

In my moments of total desolation, i never questioned the pain. It may have brought me to my hands and knees, seemingly defeated, but still dragged at my feet to get through the day. Or it may have induced me to tears, crying myself to sleep, but still able to pick myself up every morning to face my adversity again.

Nothing can be severe enough for me to give up. Everything has its reason, and during those moments of despondency, i know the trials will end and i will emerge triumphant over them.

And i have, most of the time.

Despite the hardships, i thank you, for i see the strength in me to face and learn from them…

Despite the tribulation, i thank you, for i see the blessings afterward magnified a thousand fold…

Despite the struggle, i thank you, for i see the rewards to be more gratifying than getting them easy…

Despite the problems, i thank you, for i see the successes to be sweeter being hard earned as they are…

Despite the misfortunes, i thank you, for i see beauty in every ray of sunshine that breaks through the clouds…

And today more than any day, I thank you, for there is nothing more i can ever ask for.
I have everything i need, the people i love and those who love me.

My glass is half filled.

This is an old blog I posted on my birthday 2 years ago in one of my other blog sites. Just wanted to re-post it as a reminder to myself to thank God for everything that comes my way.

3 thoughts on “Thank you God…”

  1. Thank you so much for reposting this. I needed it today. We have lots of chaos in our lives right now and we tend to forget that God is good. And He is there pushing us along.


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