10 Top 10

One of the things that I miss back in the Philippines is my morning drive to work listening to Chico and Del’s The Morning Rush top 10. I know I can still listen to them via webcast even here in Canada. Problem is, my computer at work doesn’t have speakers. And besides, I would only get to catch the first hour of the program (6am in the Philippines is 4pm Winnipeg time) since we get off at 5pm. So, I have resigned myself (NO, not from work) to just reading their Top 10 on Chico Garcia’s blog site, but it is so not the same as hearing Chico and Del delivering them.

Anyway, the real purpose of this entry is not to tell you about TMR top 10 and advertise Chico’s Blog. I came across some other Top 10s I just wanted to share with you. So here is a list of TEN sites with very interesting Top 10s. (Click on each link to go to the individual sites)

Here are 2 top tens about extraordinary twins and births. Such wonders the way the human body works!

10 Extraordinary Tales of Twins
10 Curious Births

I like looking at unique architecture, whether they be houses or buildings. So here are interesting hotels I would love to visit someday, plus something I would probably want for my precious dog should I win the lotto:

10 of the World’s most Insanely Luxurious Hotels
10 Crazy Hotels
10 Extreme Dog Houses

To be in advertising, you should be a stickler when in comes to detail. You have to have that eye for impeccability. In this next top 10, it is bad enough that the, supposedly perfect, models have been photoshopped into further perfection, the least they could have done is hide the evidence! So funny!

10 Photoshop victims

Another set of Advertising top tens. Some really creative outdoor ads I wish I could have thought of:

10 Mos Creative Cross-Walks
10 Coolest Ads on Airplanes

Walt Disney said that “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” Here’s a list of 10 interesting facts about dreams which Walt Disney wouldn’t have dreamed of:

10 Amazing Facts About Dreams

This tenth top 10 I just included here coz the Philippines made it to the list. Makes me proud!

Top 10 Beaches in the World

So that is 10 top 10s. But before you leave, you might want to look at this bonus 10 (even animals would want to get in to the action). Enjoy!

10 Greatest Animal Photobombs!



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