Baby Sister…

I still can’t believe that my baby sister is married!

I guess the age difference between us made me wish she’d stay a baby forever. Always trying to protect her from adversities (which she is more adept at standing up against better than I), or wanting to give her whatever she needs (but she was making more money than I was, I should’ve been asking her for money!), or giving her the strength to face the harsh world (but she moved far from home even before I did).

Ok, so maybe she grew up stronger than I would’ve wished. I was half hoping that she’d always run to me like she did before whenever she scraped her knee, or bumped her head or thought I was going to leave without her. I guess I missed her growing up when I moved out of the house when she was still little that in my mind she is still that little girl I used to take care of and put to sleep.

Well, she did grow up, and now she’s married. Our baby now has her own family and ready to take care of her own babies.

But to me, she is still, and will always be my baby.



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