Borrowed the idea from a friend’s status message on Facebook, being a traveller with music as her mode of transport.

I have been obsessed (again) with fixing my ipod playlist after I so stupidly erased everything from my iphone while updating (which is another story). Anyway, I have albums and albums of different singers from Lady Gaga to Paramore, most of the American Idol winners, 80’s and 90’s albums and even some house and trans music, but very few OPMs. I have one playlist of some songs that I like, memorable songs that brings me back in time. Some of them are OPM like some of Martin Nievera’s songs, one of Jaya, a couple of Hale’s and some of Kyla. But I have this sudden craving for OPM albums. I guess I just miss being back home.

Now that I am down to adding some more albums to my song list, I searched the web for downloadable MP3’s and I couldn’t find OPM albums! I lost all my original CD’s during Ondoy coz I left them all in my car.

Since I can’t get on a plane every time I miss home, I was hoping music can somehow transport me. And I just love the looks on my officemates’ faces when I sing along to tagalong songs.



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