Four Seasons…

I am still in awe at how wonderful God made nature.

Coming from a country where everything is green all year round, I couldn’t really imagine how the four seasons could affect the trees and the plants. But having experienced it first hand is just so inspiring!

Trees are full and lush during summer to serve as shade from the sun, the grass is green and the flowers are in bloom so people would appreciate nature as they enjoy the summer outdoors.

Then comes autumn/fall, trees starts to lose their leaves to save their energy for the coming colder weather during winter.

Then the snow comes and covers the earth, serving as blanket over the ground and smaller plants and roots to keep the cold harsh winds from drying them up.

And Spring, glorious Spring, melts the snow back into the earth, reviving the roots and nurishing them back to health. The trees starts to grow their leaves back and everything becomes green and beautiful again, like winter never happened.

The change in seasons just goes on and on, and the trees and the plants and the wild animals survives all these just as God created them to adapt to Earth’s natural cycle.

God is just Amazing!

27 thoughts on “Four Seasons…”

  1. Hi! Beautiful photos! I miss 4 seasons! In Greece where I live now, we have mainly 2 seasons. Every season has something so amazing and unique like your photos show!

    1. Oh for sure Cynthia! I read from your blog that you’re Filipina with a plant nursery in Cainta. I used to live in Cainta! But it is not till i got here to Canada did I appreciate plants. I even have a baby calachuchi (plumeria) plant. When I get home, I am surely going to seek you out. Thanks for visiting and hope to read more from you 🙂

  2. Yes, His handiwork is awe-inspiring. I’ve lived my whole life in the northeastern US, and I know I could never move to an area without the change of seasons. Great blog!

  3. Beautiful pictures!!! I love everything in nature and feel very close to God when I am out about in his beautiful creation. Thanks for stopping by and subscribing to my pet blog. Hugs

  4. Wonderful! It’s just wonderful to read something with a pure and strong energy and no pretensions. The photos are poetic too!


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