Update on my plants…

Remember Hope, Faith and Percy? The 3 plants I bought last winter who almost died from the cold?

Faith, Hope and Percy (May she rest in peace)

Well, Percy didn’t survive. But Faith and Hope did and are doing really well…

Hope the Devil’s Ivy

Faith the Spider Plant

Faith and Hope with Lucky (Bamboo)

I bought some flowering plants after them, but they didn’t do as good 😦

Now, because I’ve caught the “planting” bug of Spring (and since we don’t really have a garden to “plant” in) I bought these new plants for the apartment. They look so nice now, I just hope they’d grow big and healthy under my care…

Brumhilda the Bromeliad
Fifi the Ficus plant
My  2-inch tropical babies
The 6 new additions to my darling plants…

My goal is to have as many plants in the apartment as I can take care of. Never thought I’d be such a gardening fanatic, but because I can’t have a yard to garden, I’ll settle with an nice indoor garden.



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