Old Blog: Love… Hurt… Happiness?

Here’s another old “Emo” blog I wrote years ago…

Love… Hurt… Happiness?

doesn’t matter when or where or how you find love, if it comes, it comes.
sometimes you have to work on it, sometimes totally unexpected, but the end result is always that nice warm feeling you get just being or seeing or talking with that person of interest.

but with love comes hurt… rather pessimistic and dark, i know… but having gone through too many hurts makes you wary of everything.
you tend to think too much and expect the worse in order to prepare yourself for that big OUCH. you try to protect yourself from the pain that sometimes you forget you might be hurting the other person too.
instead of enjoying the moments you get to spend, you’re busy over analyzing yourself and the situation… should i say yes? will she hurt me in the end? will this end up in a fight?
i know it shouldn’t be that way, but sometimes the trauma that you get from bad experiences dims the brightest of characters…
hope there’s a cure because i do want to be happy too.

Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional. ~M. Kathleen Casey

I still smile when I read these entries. I sound like a love/relationship hungry teenager (when I was actually in my 30’s when I wrote this). Well, maturity doesn’t always come with age…



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