Old Blogs: Dreams

I was looking at a couple of my other social networking sites and read the blogs I’ve posted there from years ago. I guess I went through some pretty rough patches back then because the blogs were so sad and “emo”.

Since I want to keep this as (hopefully) my online diary, I thought of re-posting my old blogs on here so I can just let those other blog-sites wither and die naturally.

Here’s the first, posted last July 3, 2008 on my LGBT social site…


how high can you fly without falling flat on the ground?
how far can you dream without having to wake up to a nightmare reality?

i have always been a pessimist. i guess when things never go the way you want it, the trauma of always having to pick up the pieces of a broken dream will never leave you…
so when things seem to go smoothly, you always look for holes in the fantasy.
it scares me to laugh, coz tears are sure to follow…
so no matter how much of a dreamer i am, the dark and murky reality will always pull me back. because this is all that it is, a dream… no matter how beautiful and fantastic they are. in the end i always wake up…

please don’t wake me

Yes, I really was such a Pessimist…


2 thoughts on “Old Blogs: Dreams”

  1. I get those still, from time to time. It has a switch somewhere and I don’t know where to find it , pessimism.. 🙂 Btw, my Litt teacher is really good and modern and he e-mails us pdf copies of really good books. Maybe you want some? He has a really good list of Filipino writers. 🙂


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