Old Blogs: Relationships…

This is just one of a few of my “gay” blogs…


i’ve always been gay, well ever since i can remember falling in love with the same sex.
don’t get me wrong, i’ve also had crushes on guys when i was younger, suitors who were not so bad either, even had a boyfriend at one point in my life… but that was all they turned out to be, just boys, nothing more.

My sexual preference does not need explanation. this is who i am, a simple girl who just happens to like girls…but my concept of an ideal relationship, and i speak for myself and not the whole gay-lesbian community out there though they can agree (or disagree) with me, is more than just falling in love and finding the right partner for you… it’s believing in your relationship and your willingness to fight for your love and your partner.

it’s easy to fall in love… you find someone who would promise the world to you and sweep you off your feet and boom, you’re in love. but how far will that go? is it enough to keep you rooted to that relationship?

falling in love is but the first step, what holds the relationship together is what you’ll do, the steps you have to take and the sacrifices you have to endure to stay in it and stay in love with each other. once you’ve lost that drive, the ties get loose and the relationship falls apart.


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