Addicted to Instagram

Ok, it’s official, I am addicted to Instagram!

I am not much of a photography fanatic. I don’t know about aperture and all those other photography jargons. I use a DSLR like i do a point and shoot camera. But I do appreciate a good photo, the framing, the subject and even the quality of the image, be it manipulated or not.

When I started posting in Instagram, the photos were just some random pics I took for the sake of posting something. Then I learned some great photo and filter apps from other Instagramers (or IGers as they call themselves), that was when I got hooked.

I still take random photos of just about anything around me, but now I get to make them look professionally taken and posting them on Instagram and getting other IGers like my picture makes me feel good. And thanks to @IGersmanila, I get to connect to a lot of other Pinoy IGers.

Instagram rocks!



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