Weekends are for the dogs…

During Summer here in Canada, weekends are mostly spent outdoors. Having really harsh winters, they really savor every bit of summer they can out in the beach (which is actually a lake) and at the many different parks.

We could do that too, but ever since we moved to the new apartment, the farthest park we have actually gone to is only a few steps outside our building (and sit in a shaded corner hiding from the burning sun)! And the only reason we even go to the park (at all) is because of these 2 furry creatures, otherwise we’d stay home and watch movies and do house chores all weekend. But for us, weekends are for the dogs…

Angel waiting for her brother finish his thing so we can go on with our walk
Chaos: Hmmm, wonder where's a good spot to poop around here...
Taking advantage of their tired-after-walk disposition to take their picture
Getting wet kisses from my baby girl
With my grumpy little boy
Quality time with the babies
Just loving every moment with the doggies

And even though they don’t tell us, we know that they too are loving every moment we get to spend with them… (you should see their Monday morning faces, it’s worse than ours and we have to go to work!)


6 thoughts on “Weekends are for the dogs…”

  1. This is a wonderful blog. Your babies are adorable too. I was also touched by seeing your
    wonderful family. You are so lucky to have them. JerJer was so precious.
    My advice, venture out further than outside your door. Your puppies will love the adventure. Keep blogging!

    1. Hi Eileen. Thanks for the comments. We are planning to dare the outside world this long weekend. probably a bigger park. these 2 just love running around un-leashed.

  2. LOL for that last comment abou their Monday morning faces. :))) Thx for the kind words on my blog! I enjoyed coming over to visit you, too. This next post– with your family– PRICELESS. Love it. Blessings~


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