Park Dogs

Weekends used to mean sleeping in. Waking up when we wake up, without worrying about the alarm clock going off.

But lately, because of our little boy who has to be walked to do his thing, we don’t need an alarm clock even on weekends. At 6:30 am on the dot, we find ourselves drowning in wet kisses with furry bodies standing on top of us, begging us to get up. Now who could say no to that? But seeing them having so much fun, unleashed, in the park… PRICELESS!

Angel and Chaos just enjoying their morning at the park
Angel loves running around like a crazy dog
Chaos, my little protector dog
I just love watching them run around with no inhibitions
Look at that face, now tell me she wasn't having fun
Little Chaos starting to get tired from chasing Angel around
I just love these babies

To see more of Angel and Chaos, go to their own blog site at



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