The Forks

Thought it was going to be a good day for a “family” outing last Sunday, so we, Gayl, Angel, Chaos and I, decided to go to The Forks. Even though the humidity hit us like a punch in the stomach when we came out of the apartment building, we still dragged our butts to the car and drove off.

Well, the heat and humidity was too much for all four of us to bear, so we just sat on the grass in a shaded part of the Forks, let the dogs run around a bit while Gayl and I took a couple of photos, then left, with bottled water in hand and 2 panting little doggies.

The spot where we “camped” and took pictures of is called the Oodena Celebration Circle. They say you can see the constellations through the ocular round things on the armature. Cool eh! You can read all about it here.


It wasn’t much an outing, but hopefully when go out again on a better summer day.



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