One Brave Little Dog

I just love stories like this. It makes me wish I had a big farm house so I can rescue all the un-adoptable dogs I could house.

I hope humans would find this inspiring. Because it isn’t physical disability that makes one disabled, it’s their frame of mind.

Dogs are such carefree animals…


4 thoughts on “One Brave Little Dog”

  1. Great post Phoenix, thanks for sharing that video. Inspiring stuff.

    You ought to change the name of your journal to ‘Secret Optimist’ because that is what I think you really are.

    1. aaawww, thanks. I never thought of it that way but between me and my partner she’s the optimist, i was always the pessimist. but when we moved to Canada, we kinda switched places. I’d consider that thought though. My name is Yashie by the way 🙂


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