Yin Yang

It must really be fate that brought our Chaos to us…

I’ve had a lot of comments about how cool their names are…  ANGEL and CHAOS, like night and day, Yin and Yang, Up and Down, left and right… Opposites, just like their personalities.

Angel is actually the CHAOTIC one and Chaos is the more ANGELIC one, which is kind of funny when we go to the park and you would hear us shouting, “Angel NO! Bad Angel!” and “Good boy Chaos.” Such an Oxymoron, right?

Angel is: funny, playful, noisy, stubborn, friendly, happy, carefree, cheerful… (but the most behaved crazy dog ever)

While Chaos is: grumpy, shy, quiet, crabby, sullen, jumpy, nervous, ratty… (but the sweetest grouch I have ever loved)

You could actually see in their photos how different they are…

My smiling Angel. Always a ready smile when she sees the camera
Mr. Grouch, like he'd bite your head off for taking his picture
Don't let that angelic face fool you. When she's off her leash, she turns deaf and won't hear you when you call her to come.
Always the protector dog on the guard. Can't even play when he's on duty
Don't get me wrong, Chaos does smile sometimes. Specially when we are outside. It's just hard to catch coz it disappears when he sees the camera.
these are my babies... the overgrown puppy and the pint sized guard dog.

I just love them… they complete me!

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