High School Reunion

Been delinquent in updating my blogs lately. Found myself busy and hanging out in Facebook more often this past week.

My email inbox almost full, my cellphone and iPad going crazy with push notifications almost every minute and all because of this 1 page with most of the alumnae from my High School. Former school mates from all over the globe posting and commenting 24/7. It was crazy, and i love it!

It’s fun to reminisce and chat with old schoolmates. Bitter sweet memories with friends and foes; funny anecdotes from teachers; favorite places to hang out in; lessons learned and so many other stuff. Feels like being in school again.

I don’t know how long it’ll last though, but as long as there are people posting and commenting on the page, that’s where I’ll be untill the novelty of it dies down.

2000++ comments and still counting. Nowhere near the world record of 9000, but it's fun trying to at least get close to it.


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