The day seem to stretch longer than I wanted it to. “I need a break” I thought. With a stick of cigarette and a cold drink in hand, I stepped out of the freezing office  for some “fresh” air. As soon as I opened the back door, the warm wind thawed my frozen skin and spirits.

The sun is not as scorching as yesterday, and the breeze wasn’t as stifling. I walked over to our little smoking corner where the garden chairs are, laid my glass on the ground and lit my cigarette thinking to myself “It should be a sin to be working indoors when the weather is so nice outside.”

Sitting there by myself, I felt a sudden wave of familiarity. So I closed my eyes and let myself drift… the rustling leaves sounded like waves hitting the shore…. with the addition of the sun’s rays kissing my face, I felt like I was sunbathing in Boracay, or Puerto Galera… and in those few minutes of blissful imagery, I felt I was home…

Beautiful Boracay

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