I’ve loved the Wizard of Oz from the first moment I saw it as a kid, and would watch it over and over every chance I get. I also loved the 2nd Wizard of Oz as well as Michael Jackson’s The Wiz with Diana Ross as Dorothy. So definitely when I heard that Wicked will be playing in town, I’d do anything to watch it.

Was a bit disappointed when I saw how much the tickets cost the fist week they sold tickets last July (I think it was July, or maybe it was earlier). I moped, resigned to the devastating reality that I might just have to wait till somebody, like Disney or Pixar, produces a movie of Wicked for me to be able to watch it. I also tortured myself by watching all the Wizard of Oz(es) that I have.

Then, just out of curiosity i checked the tickets again because I heard they were selling so quick. Yup, all seats were almost gone alright. But there were still a couple more and so I decided, I am not going to pass this chance up. And I am so glad we watched it! I was so blown away!! I cried, I laughed and I just loved everything!!


4 thoughts on “Wicked!”

    1. Oh yes it did make me sooo happy to have seen it! way too happy in fact to have bought a $55 shirt! crazy! and I also got the Soundtrack CD, so now Elphaba and Glinda are with me EVERYWHERE I go…


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