Puppies update…

Before I even found the time to write this blog, I’ve already constructed an “excuse” in my head for going AWOL on all my blog and social networking sites. And my usual suspect is work. These past few weeks have been the most hectic I have ever been. By the time we get home, I’m too tired and don’t want to face the computer anymore. I just want to sit in front of the TV, relax and de-stress with the doggies.

A very calm Angel who was such a good girl on the car ride to the vet
A wide eyed and panting Chaos who has never been comfortable in a car

Speaking of doggies, we’ve gone to the vet to find out for sure if we were going to be seeing little Chaoses and Angels in the coming weeks. We were actually convinced by the time we went to the vet that Angel was pregnant because her tummy has grown quite ostensibly and her nipples were bigger too. When the vet first examined Angel, he tried to “feel” for babies in her tummy. Angel was such a good girl. We knew the fingers of the vet digging into her stomach hurt her, but she didn’t even whimper. She just stood there looking at us with her puppy face seemingly asking “Mommy, when is he going to stop?”

It took the vet so long prodding her big belly because he said he couldn’t feel anything. He also said if she really was pregnant, she might have had a miscarriage and the baby didn’t form that’s why he couldn’t feel anything. So to make sure, he took her to the lab at the back of the clinic to have her x-rayed. We felt so anxious because we were worried there could be a dead puppy fetus in her that might do her harm. When they finally came out, the vet said there were no babies, alive or otherwise. It was a surprise because she was showing all the symptoms of a pregnant dog. The vet explained that she was undergoing a “false pregnancy.”

Angel’s very big tummy… she gained a whole kilogram in 1 month since our last vet visit

Apparently, false pregnancy or pseudo pregnancy is not uncommon in dogs. Female dogs usually undergo two heat cycles a year, first is the proesterus where they have a bloody discharge like they are menstruating, and the second  is the esterus phase when they actually allow their mate to mount them. It is during the esterus stage, that they get pregnant if the mating is successful. After the mating (whether successful or not), the female becomes “hormonally pregnant” (here, the explanation becomes more technical and medical so click here to read more).

The fake pregnancy doesn’t last long and all the symptoms would eventually wear off. But until it does, we are just going to do everything to make Angel comfortable. And even though we’re disappointed we won’t be having puppies, we still have Angel and Chaos to fill our days with joy… They will always be our babies.

5 thoughts on “Puppies update…”

  1. Hope work becomes less stressful and you can enjoy your blogging again. Hope Angel’s tummy returns to normal soon!

    You ahve two beautiful dogs. Love the pictures!


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