To Quit or Not to Quit…

To quit or not to quit, is that even supposed to be a question?

Let’s look at the odds, shall we:

Pros If I quit…

  • I could save money! That alone should be reason enough. A pack of cigarettes here in Canada is ridiculous! It’s way cheaper to die in the Philippines 🙂
  • I’ll live longer! Another good reason. Studies say you lose a percentage of your life per stick of smoke, but who’s counting?
  • Food will taste better. I think I still enjoy my food, thank you very much.
  • I won’t have stinky cigarette smell. But that’s why I always have colognes and sanitizers and breath mints handy
  • I won’t have people telling me to quit!

Cons If I quit…

  • I’ll gain weight. Smoking burns calories and is an appetite suppressant, which means quitting would only make me eat more and burn less. But then again, I’m already gaining weight and I haven’t even quit smoking yet.
  • I’ll be irritable and moody and snappy and anxious. Hmmm, sounds just like PMS… I guess it’s not that bad then.
  • Withdrawal will be hell… The physical symptoms of withdrawal I could deal with, but I don’t think I can handle the emotional and mental symptoms… Not here far away from home anyway.

Ok, maybe I’m just over thinking this quitting thing, maybe it won’t be that bad. Maybe I won’t go through those really bad withdrawal phase. But I’m not ready to quit yet. Don’t get me wrong, I am going to quit, sometime, but not right now (sorry mom!)


4 thoughts on “To Quit or Not to Quit…”

  1. I think you wrote your pros and cons after your decision to defer your ‘decision’. That’s okay but I wondered why you posted this if you are not intending to quit immediately. It is as if you are airing your struggle to understand why you do or don’t do something. This is what makes your post interesting. Thank you for the insight into Phoenix.

    1. I guess airing the struggles would make it more “real” to me, like a motivation to just do it. Whenever people would tell me to quit, i would always answer them “yes, but not yet.” I know I can do it, I just need to get myself into that mind-set to get it done. (I could hear my mom saying “excuses, excuses”)


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