Passport renewal…

Every weekend we make it a point to plan stuff that would include the babies, well, we try to as much as we can anyway. Today is one of those days that we failed.

We had to leave the babies to have our Philippine passports renewed at the Philippine-Canadian Centre of Manitoba. An appointment we CANNOT miss because if we don’t do this now, we would have to fly all the way to Toronto to have them renewed. Good thing the Philippine Consulate General of Toronto is having an outreach program here in Winnipeg so all Filipinos who needs to have their passports renewed can have it done during the 3 days that they are here.

Filipinos make up 6% of Winnipeg’s total population and is considered the fastest growing minority group. That’s about 38,155 Pinoys in Winnipeg alone, so imagine if even 1/10th of that went to PCCM to have their passports renewed! Well, I don’t think it was that much, but it was still a lot that it took us 4 hours to finish everything. But at least it’s over and done with. Only thing is we can’t go anywhere for 3 months coz we don’t have our passports yet. Oh well, I guess that’s more time spending with the babies then.


6 thoughts on “Passport renewal…”

  1. What sort of visa did you have to stay in Canada? I’m only asking because I overheard my mom and dad talking about how they’d love to move to Nova Scotia but the visa can be very expensive. Any ideas how to get around this?

    1. My partner applied for a permanent resident visa to come here to Canada and was sponsored by a family friend. she waited 3 years for the Visa. She says, without a sponsor, it could take as long as 7 years wait time. But that’s for people from back in the Philippines. Costs, well, she says there’s nothing she can do about the costs. But she says applying for a federal skilled worker visa is even more expensive. what were your parents applying for?


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