I’ve got a lot of work to do today, but I can’t seem to concentrate on anything until I get this thing out of my system first…

We were watching the news late last night and they showed a video of a little girl in China being run over by a vehicle. Nobody stopped to help! People were just walking by her! Then another vehicle came and ran over her again because she was in the middle of the road! Just thinking of it now sends chills down my spine. I just can’t understand how they can just walk past that poor little girl! How can people be so heartless! The whole scene was so upsetting, why weren’t they affected? I can’t believe the callousness and the pitilessness and cruelty of those people! I have no words to describe them.

I found the raw, unedited video as shot by a surveillance camera on YouTube but it was way too disturbing that I didn’t want to deface my blog with it. I couldn’t even watch it through myself! But I still wanted to share it with you so I am putting the video as shown on BBC news. It’s censored so less graphic, but the effect is just as disconcerting.

*The little girl is in a coma but alive… but what life would she be living with people who have no heart or soul?


13 thoughts on “Disturbed…”

  1. I saw this too. It’s terrible and I was going to put a blog up about this. I still should because everyone needs to realize that you need to pay attention and help others when they are in need.

    1. After I saw this, I couldn’t sleep. I felt so antsy that I just had to get it out and share it with everybody! everyone in the office hated me after but at least I was able to “share the misery” 🙂

  2. I’ve asked this before but I’m still confused: are you sure that skins are the top of the evolutionary ladder? Seems to me that their capacity for cruelty and heartlessness has no bounds. I know they aren’t all bad but come on – I can’t even work this out! How could anyone just walk by?

    1. Sorry Bones but I can’t explain it either. If it were a fallen tree, maybe, or a run over rat. I get all shook up when I see an injured kitty or puppy, what more a human being?!?! and a baby at that… ooohhh, this just gets me really angry!!

  3. I’d say the people who chose to walk by – and everyone else who might have done the same thing wherever they are in the world – need some serious prayer. People who won’t help others have got to be hurting themselves.

    1. Maybe you are right Bongo, for certain instances where they would just walk on and not care, like maybe a candy wrapper on the ground, or a perfectly healthy muscular guy who slipped and fell. But I don’t think there is an excuse for not helping a 2 year old girl who has been run over by a van and lying on the ground bleeding to death.
      Sorry, I just get all emotional thinking about it. But you’re still right about them needing prayers, because there is definitely something wrong with them to feel nothing when they saw the baby.

  4. I don’t know why people do the things they do. What i do know is that there are good and bad people in the world- and there are alot of people who are indifferent that fall in-between.

    The good news is that I get to choose what I see in the world. I used to think I had to see the “truth” about the world, but all I saw was lots of pain, misery and anger.

    Today I choose to see those people in the world that are taking steps to make the world a better place. I also choose to be one of those people.

    That child has suffered a horrid trauma. But I also see MANY good people who are OUTRAGED at what has happened to her, and will take steps to ensure her future is brighter.

  5. I just do not understand all the cruelty and non-caring attitudes of some people. It seems to be a worldwide thing. How can people just go on their way when people around them need help and still sleep at night? Do they have no heart or feelings? I hope this little girl has great things ahead of her and those who ignored her when she needed help will see her face always and regret not helping her. I should not think that way I guess but why should they not suffer at least in some way? That little girl sure suffered and is still suffering.

    1. I know what you mean Mumsy. But it’s so disheartening to think that such an innocent child would have to suffer brcause of these indifferent and heartless people! I still get all worked up everytime i think about it. So disappointing!


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