Follow up…

*This is a follow up on my previous post Disturbed

Little Yueyue before and during her struggle in Intensive care

Poor little Yueyue succumbed to her injuries Oct 21, 1 week after her tragic accident…

I’m out of words… I just pray that her death won’t be in vain. So many have seen what happened to her, hopefully they learn from it too.

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10 thoughts on “Follow up…”

  1. This is just oh, so sad. It is always so hard to see the little ones pass. I am so sorry all who knew will be in my prayers. Hugs

  2. Sadly, after I posted the video portraying this incident I received the following comment from my uncle who’s traveled to China several times for business: “In China you see lots of small children on their own on busy city streets. I ‘ve seen many scary situations. Also saw a dead man on the streets with everyone just passing by. I asked my associate from China why nobody was doing anything. The response: “It’s only a farmer. Someone will take him away.””

    1. Oh my gosh, really? I don’t want to generalize but it’s difficult not to come up with theories because I do want to understand the “Whys”. You think something like this would even change their outlook?

  3. This so sad Phoenix. I noticed it on the news several times and felt ashamed that so many people passed her by. I am sure they will regret that they didn’t help and will have to live with that regret for the rest of their lives.


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