Growing Family…

I don’t exactly know how to say this. I don’t even know what to feel about it but…

Ok, remember how anxious we were to have puppies but when we went to see the vet we were told that Angel was NOT pregnant. So we left the clinic thinking we would have to deal with a female undergoing false pregnancy.

We’ve been watching Angel since then and she seem to take the “pregnancy” a little too seriously. We did read in some of the articles that some who are undergoing false pregnancy would have it harder than the others. The panting, the eating, the peeing everytime, the restlessness, even lactating and nesting.  But Angel was getting uncannily big in the middle section! Now that’s not part of the symptoms. Fake pregnancies don’t produce babies, but her tummy looks like there are.

We were getting worried because Angel looked so uncomfortable. Then Gayl, while trying to soothe our little princess, said she felt something poking at her hand while she was holding Angel’s abdomen. That was when we decided we needed to have her checked again.

Well, to make the long story short, the false pregnancy was false!

Our previous vet, who incidentally doesn’t work in the animal hospital anymore (surprise surprise), was so adamant that Angel was not pregnant, and we took his word for it. So imagine our surprise when we saw the xray… 4 small skeletal formations… we’re having 4 puppies!!! Holy cow! Now our worries are different, but our new lady vet gave us an article to read about how to help our baby deliver her babies.

Angel’s “Delivery Room” everything is ready for when she gives birth… towels, string to tie the umbilical cord, scissors to cut umbilical cord. What else do we need?

We just hope and pray that Angel will get through this without much difficulty.

*If you have any suggestions about what to do to help in whelping, it’ll be more than welcome.

20 thoughts on “Growing Family…”

  1. OMG puppies!! What an exciting time for your little family, and just in time to have all the excitement near the holidays! We always tell our clients to give her a little box, so that way dad can patiently wait outside when she needs her alone time, but I’m not sure if all mothers ‘den’ as they say! She’s adorable and I’m sure her little ones will be just as! Good luck and hope everything is smooth sailing for all of you! Congrats!

  2. Oh, we think it will all go well. We will be looking forward to seeing pictures of those little ones when they arrive. Hugs and nose kisses

  3. That is so exciting! We had a dog have puppies and she did pretty well on her own, as did our cat with kittens. I thought smaller dogs had potentially more issues than larger, but it also depends on the size of the sire and dam. With small breeds especially I think they used to use small sires and larger dams to keep things easier, but this is all from memory.

    Do you have a due date?

    My only advice would be to leave her alone and in charge as much as you can, and don’t get involved unless she’s having trouble. I’m going to start reading your blog to follow along. So exciting!

    1. Thank you Pooks. The father is a small little Chihuahua so hopefully it’ll be easier for Angel, but there are 4 puppies inside her so that’s another problem. The vet said she’s due any day now and asked us to take her temperature every morning and evening so we would estimate when she will be giving birth.
      Thanks for visiting and I love your blogs too.

    1. Well Bongo, we pray that instinct will help Angel deliver her babies by herself. But being a spoiled little princess who has been with only humans all her life, we’re afraid that she might need help to do it. it’s scary for us, but exciting too

    1. For sure Rumpy. Until now everytime I see the image of that xray in my head (we tried to ask for it but they said they had to keep it for their records) with those four tiny spines and heads, i still can’t believe it! 4 babies! wow!!

  4. Congratulations Phoenix and Angel. There will soon be the patter of 16 tiny paws in your apartment!

    I cannot understand how that vet could not determine that Angel is pregnant. Unbelievable!

    1. I know, right! He could have just suggested that he couldn’t see anything during that time and to just go back for the xray after a couple more weeks. But to tell us that Angel is not pregnant and to just look up false pregnancy on the net so we would know how to deal with it. we went through those weeks believing she wasn’t pregnant. now that we know she is we keep thinking if we did something that we shouldn’t have and that might harm the babies, you know.


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