Proud Momma!

Today probably is the second longest day of my life (first was when we left the Philippines July 8 at 5pm and arrived in Winnipeg, Manitoba after an 18 hour flight, July 8 12mn! literally and figuratively long)! The worry, the stress, the tension made every second seem like hours and I wasn’t even at work! But we, Gayl, Chaos,  Angel and I, sailed through today unscathed.

When the nurse came out to get us after all the babies were born and Angel was cleaned, she told us that Angel had no interest over the babies. She was the one who cleaned all of the babies when they came out, Angel didn’t lick them, nurse them or bite the sacs off of them, nothing. She explained that because Angel doesn’t seem to show any motherly instincts over her babies, we would have to feed them ourselves. So they gave us another set of articles to read to learn how to help nurse the babies and how to help them pee and poop and we had to buy milk and feeding bottles.

When Angel saw us, she was so excited that when she stood up all her babies who were trying to nurse fell on the towel where they were placed. Angel was crying and whining like she was saying “Let’s go home please, I don’t want to spend another minute here!” She was visibly frazzled, what with her mommies bringing her to that dreaded place then disappearing from sight (she was taken to the back of the clinic while we waited out front) then there were these tiny little aliens that came out of her pipi that gave her so much pain. I bet if that happened to me I would blow my top too.

On the drive home, Gayl and I were already discussing how we were going to do the feeding of 4 puppies every 2 hours all through the night. Just thinking about the sleepless night ahead made me so tired. But as soon as we set the babies on the bed, there was mommy Angel nursing her babies and licking them and their thingies. Still we counted the next hour they were to be fed , and again Mommy Angel, like she knows how to tell time, was nursing her puppies. Whenever she would hear them crying, she would be running back to her babies, even if it meant leaving her half eaten food (which she never does). I guess she was just stressed in the hospital and actually just wanted to go home.

Oh and our little Chaos is being such a good boy too. He missed Angel so much and wanted to just cuddle and play with her, but knowing also that she is snappy and doesn’t want him near her babies, he would just peer through the bedroom door to check on Angel and the babies, then go back to the couch. He would do this everytime he would hear the puppies whining. But when Chaos sees Angel come out of the bedroom, he would run to her with tail wagging. So cute.

The poor daddy can't go near her babies

I’m so proud of my babies.


12 thoughts on “Proud Momma!”

  1. Reading your entry kind of pulled at my heart strings, and the video was sweet 🙂 Angel sounds like a good mommy and the puppies are cute! Enjoy your puppies 🙂

  2. Aww, sweet little darling just wanted to take her babies and go home. What a wonderful ending to a stressful day for all of you. Hugs and nose kisses

  3. I’ve been following your blog for a wile now. I always look forward to reading your posts. I have especially liked how you kept us all updated on this story in particular. I am so happy that Angel and pups are doing good. Have fun with all the cuteness overflowing from you home!

  4. Bellatrix and Jake send their most admiring congratulations, since puppies will never be on their agenda!

    Jake particularly loves puppies but promises not to lick yours because they would disappear in his tongue!

    (Congratulations! I feel like I signed onto your blog at exactly the right moment!)


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