We’re Having Puppies!

We are currently at the Animal Hospital waiting for Angel. She started having hard labor when we woke up at 6am this morning. The pacing, the restlessness, even the vomiting we can take, but the howling in pain sent both Gayl and I into a worried panic!
We were given all these articles, and even searched the net for more and watched all these videos, to teach us how to help Angel when she gives birth, but none of them helped because we were way too concerned about her that we’re afraid we might read the symptoms wrong. So we packed her and Chaos in the car and drove out here so the doctors can help her.
The vet said that her babies look big and did not hide the possibility that Angel might go through a C-section to get her babies out. But he also reassured us that he will only open her up if her labor goes on and no babies come out.
So far, one baby has come and the doctor brought her out for us to see. She’s so tiny and cute!! But our worries aren’t over yet. She still has 3 more babies to expel. And not until we see all 5 of them safe will we be able to relax.

Agitated Chaos in the waiting room of the Animal Hospital

Agitated Chaos in the waiting room of the Animal Hospital


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