Silly Mommy

The babies are 3 days old now but we still couldn’t get them off Mommy Angel long enough for a photoshoot! Whenever we take 1 puppy from the bed, she would leave the other 3 to follow the one we took!

Ok, mommy dearest is just being protective, I respect that. I should know since I am the same with them. Silly me. I just wanted to post more pictures of her babies. I guess we just have to make do with a photo of the proud mommy again.

Look at her. Doesn't she just look so proud and happy?

Look at her. Doesn’t she just look so proud and happy?

I just love to take pictures of this little guy here because of his color. He's silverish gray

I just love to take pictures of this little guy here because of his color. He’s silverish gray


14 thoughts on “Silly Mommy”

    1. That’s funny Lola! But after this batch, we’re having the parents “fixed”. They don’t know it yet, they don’t even know what fixed means but hopefully all will go well.

  1. Those puppies look big! They’re growing so fast. I love their different colors and can’t wait to see how they mature.

    She’s an excellent mom!

    1. Thank you Pooks. We’re excited to see how they look too. Though the twin girls (the dark brown ones, if you can even see them from the photos from other posts) have their mother’s color.

  2. Dear Angel, babies!!!!, Chaos, and Mamas,

    We (Madeleine, Gingersnap!, Mama L. and Mama M., and Beatrice the Cat) love your blog! We love your videos, your photos, your stories, your thoughts, your meanderings, and your blog in general! And we love that you have two mamas, just like us! Madeleine thinks that Angel and she looks exactly alike, especially when Madeline is happy, like after a vigorous game of Laser Light! The babies are absolutely adorable! Hopefully you can showcase each of them as they grow and their personalities develop. We look forward to many more adventures!

    We just want to know if it’s cold up there in Canada. 🙂

    Best, the “loungelassie” clan…

  3. Aw, they look so adorable! That’s so cute that she follows to see what happens with the one baby!

    I’m glad you are posting pics instead of videos because WordPress doesn’t let me see the videos.

      1. I’ll have to have my nephew look at it and figure it out for me, I’m pretty hopeless when it comes to stuff like this. I can see Youtube videos with no problem, so I don’t understand what’s happening.

      2. I know what you mean. I kept getting complaints from my boss too when she can’t seem to figure out why she can’t view her wordpress account normally so I had to check what was wrong. she just had to update her browser and adobe flash (which she hasn’t done in like 3 years!). The videos I post here are from youtube so you should be able to view them. unless you need to upgrade your browser and flash too


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