The first time that I saw you

Almost brought tears to my eye.

You were such a beautiful baby

It made me want to cry.


Then they laid you in my arms

And boy did you try to break free

But when I loosened my grip on you

You just climbed to my face and kissed me


I knew right then that I wanted you

So I told the guy “We’ll take her”

To those who said you can’t buy love

Might not have been a puppy lover.


That was more than 2 years ago

I can’t believe you’re turning three

It seem not so long ago

When you were just a puppy.


Now you’re a mommy too my dear

Making me a proud granny

But doesn’t matter how many litters you have

You are and will always be my baby.

16 thoughts on “Angel…”

    1. Fast is right Rumpy! they are sure cute now but i’m not really looking forward to when they start roaming around and chewing on everything. But just like with Angel when she was a baby, picking up poop and giving them the “bad dog” finger will all be out of love… hopefully 🙂

    1. Yeah, i kinda am Bones. I started this blog to help me cope with the life changing decisions of moving to Canada, but these two furballs are the ones who have helped me keep on going.

  1. Both these poems are wonderful! You have a gifted way of describing what us humans feel in adopting our 4-legged loves. I can not imagine a day without Madeleine and Gingersnap! It just would not feel right. They are my sunshine everyday.


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