Babies at 3 Weeks…

3 weeks old… Do puppies show their personalities already at this age? Maybe it’s just us but we seem to see some of their characters already…

At 3 weeks Storm is already claiming her name, boy is she a whiner!! And chooses to endlessly whine when we’re all asleep keeping us up all night (hope it’s just us not the neighbors though)!

Ice and Hail are starting to crawl out of their beds already like curious little boys. We woke up one morning with Hail under OUR bed! Ice can walk on 4 legs already and just loves marching around their bed.

Rain is the smallest and is such a sweet baby. She’s the one I like to carry and cuddle with because she just lets you do whatever without a sound.

Storm the incessant midnight whiner
Ice using Storm as pillow
Hail sucking on Rain’s arm
Rain: Hi big brother!
Ice: oohh what’s that shiny black thing?
like father like son
From left to right: Ice, Rain, Storm, Hail, Piggy
The princess is now the queen!

11 thoughts on “Babies at 3 Weeks…”

  1. They’re so cute!!!!! I love puppies 😀 what are you going to do with the babies? have you found homes for them? I wish I could take one he-he-he but I already have a two-month old malamute, and he’s already a handful.

    anyway, cool pictures, keep us posted 🙂

  2. They are such cuties! I love it when puppies sleep on their backs like that. Or when they sleep on their bellies with their back legs straight out.

    Do they all sleep together? I mean, with Angel and Chaos? It’s odd that Storm would be whining if they all sleep together. When we first got Gingersnap! she would whine and howl all night long. And because of our neighbors (they JUST had a baby too), we decided to bring her into bed with us. That was pretty the end of “crate training” right there. But the whining stopped. 🙂

    1. Angel sometimes sleeps with them, but she’s definitely in the bed with them when she nurses them. but all 4 of them are together and she’s the only one who whines! So last night i had to put her in bed with us, that’s why i couldn’t sleep because i didn’t want to squish her. But she stops when she’s in my arms. Poor Chaos though, he too was up all night because he didn’t want the puppy in HIS bed 🙂


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