New Year…

I promised my self that when 2012 comes around I will be more diligent in writing… Well, Christmas came and went, New year’s eve came and went… The next thing I know it’s January 9th! Where did that first week of January go? I even still have last year’s calendar on my office wall… WTF?!?

Anyway, so many things have happened in the last couple of months… The puppies are starting to lose their cuteness as they venture off to my shoes (and successfully ruined one of my boots too)… we moved in to a new house (oh now I know where that first week of January went!)… the weather here in Winnipeg is CRAZY! It’s like spring out there… Work seem to be getting more demanding; but I’m not really complaining…

Hopefully in the next few days I could get all of these things swimming in my head in writing. For now, I just need to get back to work.

A happy, prosperous and blessings-filled 2012 to everyone!


8 thoughts on “New Year…”

    1. Oh my gosh Bongo, you can really make me laugh! And I missed all you guys too 🙂
      Will definitely be posting puppy updates… when and if i get to make them sit still long enough for a photograph. They are a really rowdy bunch.

    1. Oh my, you could say that again! But we were able to train them to stay in their designated room (which is our dining room) even without a fence. And they now know how to sit! which is so cute.


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