Goodbye Mr. Penguin

Today, we said goodbye to an old friend. Someone who has been by Angel’s side from the beginning.

He was Angel’s friend, nanny, and chew toy. He has weathered many washes and repairs but still he survived Angel’s temperaments. He was there as she slept, played and ate, and when she was in the cargo hold during her flight to Canada, he kept her company.

From mommy to the puppies he still tried to be there for every one of them. But the years caught up with him and he couldn’t handle anymore. I found him withered and lifeless amongst the puppies toys. The once elegant and proud Mr. Penguin has succumbed to his injuries. I knew when I saw him that it’s time to put him out of his misery and let him die in dignity.

Angel with Mr. Penguin

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8 thoughts on “Goodbye Mr. Penguin”

  1. Oh, my. This made me gulp, and sigh.

    My dog “Angel” had such a friend. His name was “Red Dog.” My husband found this toy on the side of the road, when we were newlyweds – and couldn’t really afford to buy nice toys for our dogs. It was brand new, it seemed to be left there as a gift – just for us.

    Angel pampered Red Dog, and snuggled with him at night. He was her friend.

    Red Dog was lost somewhere in this big, old house.

    Awww…I need to try to find Red Dog – again.

    Thanks for this, I loved it. It touched my heart…

    1. After I posted this blog, my partner rushed to our laundry room to look for Mr. Penguin, stitched him again just to close up his open wounds (we couldn’t put his fillings back though) and gave him back to Angel. She actually won Mr. Penguin at a fair back in the Philippines and gave him to Angel. She couldn’t bear to throw him away.


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