I have this new obsession… well maybe not exactly an obsession but it’s pretty much making me want to go online and browse through it.

I’ve just joined Pinterest! It’s not really any different from my other photo blog sites but what actually makes me keep going back are the categories. They have pinned photos from members of Pinterest about Pets, Gardening, Home Decor, Architecture and Fashion, which are just some of my passions and now my source of inspiration. I can spend hours just going through the pins!

The only problem is I WANT that really great looking coffee table, or that creatively done library, or that mouth watering pair of black lace pumps, or that cool terrarium! It sometimes takes all my strength to hold on to the sides of the seat to keep myself from getting up and marching out the door to go to the stores!

Oh well, most addiction takes a lot of will power to get over anyway so I’ll just hold on to that, for now, and keep my cards under lock and key in case I lose this battle.


2 thoughts on “Pinteresting…”


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