Broken Hearted

I woke up yesterday morning to a disappointed voice scolding someone who did his business on the living room carpet. Because this wasn’t the first time he did this, I got up and punished little Chaos for the mess he made. It totally broke my heart and I ended up crying!

I don’t understand, he’s been such a good boy, always doing what he’s supposed to, where he’s supposed to. Only after his operation do we come home, or wake up, to little surprises all over the NO zone. I was thinking he could be acting up, or punishing me for something. Whatever his reasons, I hope he knows it’s breaking my heart everytime I have to scold him or punish him for doing bad.

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9 thoughts on “Broken Hearted”

  1. Awww, poor baby he doesn’t mean to do it we are sure. We hope you figure out a way to help him get past that issue. We feel for both of you and hope it all works out soon. He is such a cutie. Hugs and nose kisses

  2. Post surgery, is post surgery. Whether for a dog or human.

    Poor thing.

    I’m sure you can remind him of the rules, he’s in a bad patch.

    Time heals all wounds 😉

  3. He’s not doing it on purpose to punish you or make you mad or break your heart or any of that. I know it seems like he is, especially if he looks “guilty” — but he’s just a dog, no matter how super duper smart you think he is. He’s not thinking about his actions, he’s just acting on his impulses. Basically something has changed (maybe it was the surgery) and now this is all “new” to him again. Maybe he’s hormonal (haha) and he’s just acting out on it. I read somewhere that after particular changes in routine or some physical constraints (old age, injuries, surgeries…) you would have to treat your pet as a brand new puppy relarning everything all over again. This means, of course, a lot more work, since you’ll have to retrain him and reward him for good behaviors. Most importantly, don’t punish/yell at him for bad behaviors UNLESS you catch him right in the middle of the act. Anything after the fact is too late.

    1. That’s why i try to give in to all his “requests”. He always wants me by his side. when he’s on the couch and I’m not there, he’ll go “fetch” me and wait by my side till I’m finished doing whatever i was doing then he’ll do his “play with me” stance and I’d go play with him. or when we’re on the couch and angel or one of the puppies will go near me, he’d growl at them, i’d pick him up and let him know that I’m all his. It’s one way I know to make him happy.

  4. Did you ask the vet if it’s related to his surgery? 😦

    Glad he’s better, tho. Been thinking about him since your last post…

    1. We’re glad he’s better too. He has changed, though the vet said that behavioral changes in pets after neutering are a myth and that all changes are for the good. like they don’t need to pee everywhere because they lose that urge to mark their territory, well Chaos just about peed on all our doors. Another “good” change he said was that they fight less and bark less when they see other dog, well I know Chaos became more possessive of me after the operation. He doesn’t like it when Angel asks me for a belly rub and nips at her.
      the upside though is he is more playful. always wanting to play, and I mean always.


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