Update on my mini greenhouse

This just in… the seeds I planted yesterday are GONE!

Yes, you read it right. They are now just a sweet memory, born out of a dream for my own herb garden.

So sad. After I made sure that the greenhouse would be able to stand to the elements. It stood through rain and heavy winds for a week. I thought that was enough test that I confidently toiled under the hot sun (but cold wind) to carefully plant my seeds that will be housed in the greenhouse.

I checked on my progress this morning, and the greenhouse standing proud, showed me that all is good. But somebody turned the fan on high here in Winnipeg. Then I heard it, a really faint “thunk” from outside. The greenhouse lost its battle to the wind and toppled over, bringing the seed trays with it, as well as all my blood, sweat and tears.

I have 3 vegetables, 3 herbs and 2 flower seeds all mixed up in 4 trays like this

I couldn’t bear to look at all my hard work gone to waste. Lettuce seeds, cucumber seeds, cilantro and parsley all mixed together in a pile of soil. I tried to save them, scooping all the soil, and hopefully all the seeds with it, and placed them in  undivided seed trays. It’s a crazy thought, but hopefully some of them survive. My only problem is, I won’t be able to identify which is which if they do sprout.

Wish me luck, i sure need it.


7 thoughts on “Update on my mini greenhouse”

  1. I’m not sure about the lettuce but chances are, the three others will still grow. I guess you just need to know what they look like when they sprout because you might be watering some weeds along with them, heh.

  2. Silly wind! 😦 I’m sorry that your greenhouse couldn’t stand up to it — hopefully once your sprouts show their true leaves you can figure out what they are!


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