Getting down and dirty… Confessions of a novice gardener

Coming from a country where everything is lush and green all year round, and the gardens always look good without much toil, I never thought that gardening will be my thing. Well, I do love nature and flowers, but to actually grow them and take care of them, I wasn’t sure.

But here in Canada where everything green goes to sleep half the year, i have found a new fascination to plants and gardening. And working for a gardening magazine has helped (a lot) to feed my new passion.

I started with indoor tropical plants back when I still lived in a building apartment. But now that I actually have a garden, I can’t wait to get down and dirty and plant all those beautiful flowers I’ve started from seed and are now thriving in a greenhouse at T & T Seeds (a garden centre here in Manitoba).

And because it’s a new house and we purchased it in Winter, we didn’t really see what was growing in the garden since everything looked dead and white. So part of the wonder and surprise is seeing all the new sprouts and finding out what they are.

Here are photos of the garden I’ve taken back in early April, when sprouts were just starting to show their eager heads through the soil, and photos I’ve taken today while playing in the dirt.

A lily poking its head through the soil (Photo taken April 4)
Peonies eager to show their big heads (Photo taken April 4)
The Peonies taken a week after (April 11). How fast they’ve grown
Taken April 23. The Peonies have grown quite a bit
Can’t wait to see what color my lilies are
The front yard planter with the lilies taken this morning
Planter where the peonies are
My garden “bling bling”
The greenhouse now firmly tied to the fence
The seed trays with all the different seeds in them. May the best seed win.

13 thoughts on “Getting down and dirty… Confessions of a novice gardener”

  1. This made me smile, Yashie. Galing-galing!
    In our place, we have a small container garden for flowering plants and such but the husband also maintains a vegetable patch in the empty lot next to our house. It’s planted with the usual veggies that we use almost everyday but are usually bought tingi-tingi at the market (dahon sili, tanglad, siling labuyo, etc.). We have a papaya tree, too, for tinola, hehe.
    Are you planting herbs? 🙂

    1. Hi Tita Buds. yes, herbs and veggies. we made a herb basket last weekend at the garden centre greenhouse we started most of our seeds. can’t wait to bring those babies home and make the garden really nice and pretty 🙂
      Wish I could grow some labuyo here or ampalaya, they are so hard to come by here in Filipino stores.

  2. I love your peonies and envy you. Its just too warm to grow peonies here in Texas and they are truly some of God’s prettiest flowers. The only way you can grow them here is to pour a cup of ice on the ground around them everyday for 30-45 days in the winter. This will not happen. I’d rather just enjoy yours.

    1. Aaaww, thank you! I actually check on them everyday (which is quite extreme considering that they don’t grow and bloom overnight) and can’t wait to see what colors they turn out 🙂

  3. “May the best seed win.” lol

    Yes, that’s a good attitude. The quest for survival – indeed.

  4. hahaha!! congrats on your garden… I’m also into gardening here back home but more of vegetables… I planted my first batch of Kangkong a month before and I finally harvested them last week… it was really satisfying… I just can’t grow lettuce… I think the climate here is not really best for that lettuce 🙂

    1. Hey Sofie! There are certain vegetables back home that just grows like crazy even if you leave them alone. try tomatoes and chili (labuyo and pangsigang) and calamansi! I wish I can find some Calamansi seeds here so I can grow my own rather than go to all the Filipino stores looking for them. Lemon just doesn’t taste the same as our Calamansi.


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