Happy seedling

Everyday I check on the seed tray where we put the scooped up blown soil and seeds in. Well, imagine my joy and excitement when I saw some little green heads pushing up at the soil.
Doesn’t this little cutie seem smiling to you?


8 thoughts on “Happy seedling”

  1. I have been loving my little seedlings – so far green beans, pumpkins, with teeny little carrot tops and brocolli sprouts. I am optimistic beyond my experience of having a very un-green thumb. I figure if I keep working hard at gardening I’ll get it right someday. In the meantime, little sprouts like yours make me deliriously happy – thanks for sharing!

    1. Exactly what I’m thinking! I think the only time I ever touched soil before was when… I don’t even remember! now I enjoy gardening and don’t mind the soil getting in my nails.


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