When mommy is away, the doggies write a blog!

In the absence of our mother, Yashie, we, Angel and Chaos, took it upon ourselves to hack into mommy’s wordpess account so as not to disappoint her avid readers (Angel: “Avid readers? She doesn’t have that many ‘Avid readers’!” Chaos: “I know that. But it sounds more dramatic than ‘The few readers who just happen to stumble upon her blog.’ Don’t you think?” Angel: “Ok, fine.”)

Where were we? Oh yeah. You see, mommy has been busy spending all her time outside putting those green thingies in dirt. (Angel: “‘Green thingies?’ They’re called plants! Don’t you even listen when mommy talks? She said that those were the seeds that they planted in the greenhouse that’s why they go out saturdays to go to that garden centre. They are all big now so they brought them home so she can plant them in pots so you couldn’t pee on them.” Chaos: “If you’re such a smarty pants, why don’t you type?” Angel: “Because I don’t want to ruin my nails!” Chaos: “Fine!”)

We used to complain a lot when they were spending less cuddle time with us, but because we see mommy so happy when she looks at her PLANTS, we stopped. Specially when she lets us outside to watch her do her thing. But by the time she’s done, she’s too tired to write so we thought it better to write in her stead. (Angel: “Tell them about our contribution to her plants!” Chaos: “I was just getting there! Now shut up and just read!” Angel: “Ok”)

Anyway, Mamoy came in one time bringing all our empty treat containers with her (Angel: “We even got to eat lots of treat just to empty another one. Yummy!”) And brought them outside. After some time, mommy called us to show us what she did with those containers. She planted lots of the herbs in them! (Chaos: “I wonder if herbs taste the same as the grass? They sure smell different.”) Then mommy said that those were our contribution to her garden. That just made us so proud. I guess even when the mommies are not with us, they still think of us. That is why we love them so much!

This is all for now. Till the next time mommy leaves her wordpress account open. This is Angel and Chaos signing out.

Herbs from left to right: Sweet basil, Lemon balm, Sage, and 2 more
Sweet basil

9 thoughts on “When mommy is away, the doggies write a blog!”

  1. Absolutely fun fun fun read! You have some naughty, “helpful”, humorous, dear kids. Not to mention, they are so eloquent. This post is for the win!

  2. So happy you little cuties took the time to let us know how things are around your place. What a cool idea to use empty treat jugs for. Hope you have great success with the plants. Loved the post. Hugs and nose kisses


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